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  • Smart AI human detection guarantees you will know when anyone approaches your doorstep. Your DB5 doorbell camera will send you mobile push notifications anytime these sophisticated motion sensors are triggered.

  • The DB5 doorbell camera provides you the multiple storage options. You can choose to record with LaView’s encrypted AWS Cloud server for expanded storage and unlimited remote access.

  • Connects to mechanical chime, digital chime or LaView USB wireless chime (sold separeately)

  • Upgraded, crystal clear HD 2MP 1080P clarity brings you detail like never before. 

  • Supports up to 128GB microSD (not included) for easy onboard storage. This ensures the safety and storage of your footage with physical accessibility as you need.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

  • 140° field of view gives you a full view of your doorstep, expanding your viewing experience. This will keep you aware of anyone within the vicinity of your doorbell security camera system.

  • IP54 weatherproofing keeps your HD doorbell surveillance camera protected from the elements. This ensures reliability and functionality year-round, regardless of the weather.

  • Up to 150ft Wi-Fi transmission distance makes installation even easier. Follow the easy steps to connect the wiring and then connect to your Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to record; it’s that easy!

  • 33ft IR night vision keeps you aware of your doorstep’s surroundings in extreme low light conditions. 

  • Download the FREE LaView app to remotely access footage and your live view. Instant access with the app will keep you connected at all times!

  • A one-year warranty and lifetime technical support are included to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Requires new or existing 12-24 V AC wiring or transformer

  • LaView is proud to announce it's 3rd generation doorbell cameras. This family-friendly doorbell surveillance camera provides upgraded HD 1080P viewing quality along with an ultra-wide viewing angle. This is by and large the best viewing experience of any doorbell camera on the market, along with user-friendly, customizable features that you can tailor to your needs. We believe in hassle-free security solutions without sacrificing quality; the DB5 video doorbell is no exception to this!


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     Laview DB5 AI Doorbell Camera (3rd Gen) Other Leading Video Doorbells

     2.1MP Realtime recording and playback. 75% more detail.


     1.3MP recording and playback

     24/7 continuous recording available*


     Only records video clips triggered by motion

     Record on either Cloud / MicroSD for back-up and protection


     Only cloud recording available, must pay monthly fee and lose footage when there’s no internet.

     Industry-leading Starlight True Color Night Vision


     See only black and white and lose critical information in dark

     140-degree viewing angle


     Cannot see kids and package on the floor

     Motion alerts only triggered by human activity


     Many false alarms by irrelevant activity like trees and sunlight

     Encrypted Amazon AWS Server for best privacy protection


     Self-setup servers. Highly risky for privacy leak

     IP54 guaranteed protection against rain and snow 


     Not rated

     Advanced H.264 video codec allows 45% faster streaming


     Slow and bulky codec

     12-24 VAC support more household power environment


     16-24 VAC

    HD 2MP Resolution: Next Generation Doorbell Surveillance Camera Coverage

    The DB5 upgrades your front door viewing experience with full HD
    2MP resolution. That means each unique image captured by this p
    remium doorbell security camera contains 1920 x 1080 pixels; that’s
    over 2 million pixels! This is the industry’s leading resolution option for
    doorbell cameras. With that, the DB5 guarantees you the best view
    of your entrance with crystal clear detail in both your livestream footage
    and playback recordings!

    ONE Halo Doorbell Surveillance Camera System – Upgrade Viewing Angles

    See it All with 140° Vertical Viewing

    The DB5 adds on layer after layer of upgraded viewing to
    make the best video surveillance doorbell on the market. Its 140°
    vertical view ensures you see everything that occurs at your
    doorstep. That means if you have a package delivered, or the kids
    arrive home, you’ll have a full view of them, no matter where they
    approach from. 

    ONE Halo Doorbell Security Cameras – Wide View Angles

    Audio Features for Comprehensive Doorbell Camera Coverage

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