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Synnex Corporation



At SYNNEX Canada we purchase peripherals, IT systems, system components, software, networking equipment, consumer electronics and complementary products from our primary suppliers and sell them to our reseller and retail customers. We perform a similar function for our distribution of licensed software products. Our reseller customers include value-added resellers, or VARs, corporate resellers, government resellers, system integrators, direct marketers, and national and regional retailers.

We distribute technology products from more than 500 IT, CE, and OEM suppliers to resellers, system integrators, and retailers throughout Canada. We combine our core strengths in distribution with our customer-engagement services to help our customers achieve greater efficiencies in time to market, cost minimization, real-time linkages in the supply chain, and after-market product support.

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At SYNNEX Canada, we understand that true business growth requires access to meaningful, tangible business infrastructure, tools, and resources. Over the last year, we’ve invested heavily in providing our partners with high-impact business services, designed from the ground up.

From financial and distribution services to sales support and technical enablement, SYNNEX Canada is committed to your success. As SYNNEX Canada Reseller partner, you’ll have access to one of the industry’s most robust product line cards and a portfolio of services designed to build and grow your business.

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